the trainers

Alex Zell (Germany)

Since the beginning of the 2000s Alex has been working intensively on the traditions and riding style of the California Vaquero Horsemanship or old Californian riding style. Classic European equestrian art before the HDV 12 as well as games and fun with the horse on the ground and in the saddle are also part of his passions and his repertoire. So it doesn’t always have to be the saddle for him, occasionally he goes bareback with his horses in the field without anything. His goal is to train horses as extensively, creatively and correctly as possible, so that they can enjoy the best of health into old age and enjoy working together. For Alex, every horse should keep and develop its own character – important to him is the practical reference to riding in order to convey the meaningfulness of his actions to the horse.

Five very different horses from 3-31 years (1 stallion, 1 mare and 3 geldings) in different training levels, which they call their best teacher, are what Alex and his partner Nina call their own.

Alex has dealt intensively with different riding styles and techniques. He pays particular attention to biomechanics / biotensegrity and especially the relationship with the horses. It is important to him to maintain the horse’s motivation and to convey the joy of working together without attaching importance to shows or tournament successes. He worked together with a lot of well known horsemen and acquired an immense knowledge, which he communicates in courses and seminars throughout Europe on various topics.

Alex not only teaches riders on horseback in a practical way, but also convinces in theory lectures on various topics.

Constant further training and exchange with recognized trainers are extremely important to him. Impulses from course with well known trainers from different riding styles flow into his daily work with horses and prove his great interest in both the origins of Vaquero Horsemanship as well as classic European equestrian art. Alex Zell combines the similarities of these riding styles in a playful way paired with an extraordinary wealth of knowledge about riding and horses in his lessons. Another focus of his work is working with horses on cattle. He also gives courses and lessons on this, as well as dealing with the Garrocha.

“To preserve the values ​​of the good European and Californian equestrian art and to pass these values ​​on is my daily concern in the training of horse and rider. I was and still am very fortunate to be able to learn from the great horsemen of our time. I pass on my experiences in my lessons and courses in order to train the rider’s awareness for a responsible and soulful interaction with their partner- the horse.”

It is not about the tools, it is about the attitude and in the end it is just about love for the horse. (Alex)
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Alexander & Irmi Kronsteiner (Austria)

Alexander und Irmi Kronsteiner – Fulfilled Horsemanship (Austria)

Alexander and Irmi Kronsteiner are two passionate horse people, that have dedicated themselves for decades to horses and especially to riding as “the ancients” did.
Understanding horses as valuable partners is important to them. The logical consequence of this is to train the horses in a healthy, versatile, sporty and above all safe manner.
That is why they practice and teach the classic riding theory according to its original values – free of modern interpretations. The proximity to the Spanish Riding School in nearby Vienna can be felt in their stable.
Their thinking and acting is accompanied by their philosophy of the “8 elements of fulfilled riding”. The terms: connectedness, serenity, impulsion, variation, agility, strength, health and fulfillment form the framework for “Fulfilled Horsemanship”.!
In 2003, Alexander and Irmi Kronsteiner realized their dream of even creating their own place where people and horses feel equally at home.
This dream of a very special kind of horse stable was realized with the foundation of the Alexanderhof.
Today, numerous riding students, horse owners with challenging problems with their horses as well as schools, institutions and private individuals use the wide range of offers at the Alexanderhof.
The moto is:
Horses for people – as a partner in sport, therapy, education and life support
People for horses – as ambassadors for their very special value
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Alfonso Aguilar (Mexico)

Alfonso is not a “big show man”.

Alfonso is certainly a pioneer in applying the basics of ethology (the study of animal behavior) in horsemanship; in the daily handling with horses.

He likes to work with his horses humbly and explains and teaches in the same way. In order to learn from him you must observe closely and listen. Alfonso’s explanations are clear and to the point and designed by him over many years to help horse and human connect and communicate.

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Alizée Froment (Belgium)

Born in the south of France, I had the chance to grow up in the middle of the ponies every holidays and to have a mother who was willing to give me the chance to try absolutely all the equestrian disciplines to open my mind. After few years in the french jumping team, I retired for theater and then came back to dressage. Mistral has been my first European partner, 5* partner, CDIO partner … But also the one allowing me to mix my both passions and enter the world equestrian shows. He’s been THE ONE. My soulmate. The one who made me the person I became. Then Sultan joined us. He was Mistral’s son and it has been hard for him as for us to enter the team we were. With him, I had to open my minds, search further, question myself every single day. It has been a difficult story. He wanted a place I couldn’t give him. And then, we found it. With the groundwork, we started to write a different story where he was the hero, where he was powerful, where he was a shining star also. We finally, the three of us, found our balance. He opened me new doors, made me understand so many things, opened my eyes, push me over my limits … When his father built me, Sultan made me grow further and helped me to understand that there is no one way with horses … There are as many ways as horses. As humans, we have to adapt, understand who they are, accept who they are, to find the adapted dialog and path to grow together and build a beautiful and strong relationship. The only thing which never changed is that, in my opinion, the two key words in a relationship with a horse are always : TRUST and RESPECT.
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Aluisio Marins (Brazil)

Aluisio Marins, from Sorocaba – Brazil, is a vet, and also a horse trainer since he was 15 years old. He loves young horses, form colts to youngsters, and prepares horses to all disciplines. His background is show jumping, eventing, and nowadays ranch, barrels and pleasure riding horses. 

Aluisio also runs an 25 year project named The Horse University, a school specialized in all themes of the horse world, running courses, clinics, master classes, competitions and so, for all the Brazilian and Latin American countries.
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Álvaro J. Pedrero M. (Mexico)

An Agronomist by profession but dedicated 100% to horses, he belongs to a family of horsemen for 4 generations. Creator of Métodos Naturales de Entrenamiento, horse training system based on assertive communication based on nature and equine psychology with experience of more than 15 years.

He has been in constant training for more than 13 years with Mexican and foreign clinicians. Speaking of his experience, we can emphasize having worked with horses of different breeds and from different disciplines; having attended equine therapy clinics, horse training, dressage, racehorse training, horse-assisted coaching and Natural Horsemanship.

He participate as a rider in important cultural events in México, as an exponent in the 1st Natural Horsemanship event 3DN México and achieved national championships in charrería and rodeo.

He currently teaches courses and clinics on Natural Horsemanship in Mexico and abroad, exhibitions and demonstrations at State Fairs, speaker at conferences on Ethology and animal welfare, Equestrian Therapies Congresses, Horse-assisted Coaching seminars, writes articles for several mexican publications and is part of the staff as professor at the Institute of Equestrian Sciences in the first degree in Equestrian Projects and Sports in México.
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Alyssa Pellei (Hungary)

Alyssa Pellei combines the art of dressage and high school with her greatest passion- Liberty. Her work is inspired by the spirit of the horse and is about inviting beautiful movements, natural pride and energetic expression into our relationships with horses. She believes  in creating a quality foundation of communication with the horse, which can be developed up to liberty high school. 
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Amanda Barton (England)

Amanda Barton – Tilefield Equestrian

Working successfully with horses is like a 3D puzzle where many types of information and a wide range of skills need to be drawn together, its Amanda’s goal to help you with these skills.  Most people want a horse to work with them willingly and for mutual trust to exist in the partnership.  In order to achieve these results riders need to start by working on themselves. This means improving riding skills and coordination, understanding how horses learn and behave and learning how to control your own negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety. 

Amanda’s facility in the New Forest (UK), Tilefield Equestrian, offers groundwork and ridden clinics as well as dismounted education covering subjects such as bodywork, biomechanics, saddle fit and nutrition, all aimed to promote the welfare of the horse. The ultimate goal of Amanda’s teaching is to bring this knowledge together to help riders establish a deep, calm connection with their horses and to learn to communicate effectively with them.

Amanda has diverse experience as a qualified BHS Coach, Endurance GB and Pony Club Coach.  Both her coaching and her facility have been recognised with awards.  She has experience with most equine competitive disciplines as well as western riding, gaited horses and natural horsemanship. She has been an instructor recommended by Mark Rashid for the last 14 years and is his only recommended instructor in Europe. She has a PhD and Postgraduate qualification in Animal Behaviour. She is a qualified human coach (NLP master practitioner) and qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist.
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Anja Beran (Germany)

At the age of 15, the passionate rider began a very intensive apprenticeship with masters of classic dressage such as Luis Valenca, Manuel Jorge de Oliveira and Marc de Broissia. Anja Beran operates her own training center at Gut Rosenhof in the Bavarian town of Rudratsried since 2000, where she and her team train horses and riders according to classic principles, and the Anja Beran Foundation, which was founded in 2009, is also based.
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Anne Krüger (Germany)

Since 1987 I, Anne Krüger-Degener, have been moved by the training of animals and have lived my professional career in this direction with never-ending passion.

In my life as a master of animal husbandry I am dependent on the daily cooperation with my animals. As a result, I have developed a fair approach to animals, based on the basics of communication, conceptual training, and a systematic approach, following the learning patterns of nature. These basic pillars have resulted in a wonderful method: the HarmoniLogie®.

The goal of HarmoniLogie® is to create a successful partnership between humans and animals, based on trust, courtesy, resilience and solidarity.

The way corresponds to the understanding of the natural law of language. Without seduction and attractants and without strength, we develop direct access to our four-legged partner and train a real companion.
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Antonio Hidalgo del Toro (Spain)

Rider and trainer, specialized in ethological horse training applied to sport, passionate about horses from a very early age began his activity at the Llavaneras Equestrian Club performing the discipline of dressage in 1983. For 7 years he was competing in numerous national competitions and championships in Spain training with Luis Lucio and later with Miguel Jorda. In 1990 he started show jumping, working and training with Cristino Torres and Toni Subirana, contesting his first Spanih Championship  in 1991. In 1997 he started working with Curro Goyoaga, in a commerce stable located in Llavaneras, later being transferred to the Open Sports Club, carrying out hundreds of national and international competitions. In 2004 he became interested in ethological training techniques learning from the hands of Belén Carames, together they adapted these techniques to sport, working together with great professionals in the field such as Leslie Desmond. The last ten years have been really intense, combining the training of horses, where numerous national and international competitions. He is currently totally focused on training riders and horses at the Open Sports Club.
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Arien Aguilar (USA)

Arien gave his first course at the age of 13.  At the moment he has 13 years of experience teaching humans and horses. He had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of horses. He was able to share his knowledge in countless courses, demos, lectures and shows, thereby inspiring people and helping horses.

He participated in some of the most famous horse shows such as Equitana, Pferd & Jagd, Hansepferd and the Cavallo Academy. He also wrote articles for various magazines, including the “Cavallo” and “Mein Pferd“. Currently he offers courses and demonstrations in France, Germany, Denmark, Mexico, Switzerland, Austria and the United States.

For some time now, his focus has been on observing animal behavior and scrutinizing the efficiency of various training methods.

Arien had the chance to work with a herd of four giraffes in the Badoca Safari Park in Portugal. Here he has developed a training program for everyday requirements, such as giving hooves, standing still and following people. Above all through his work with the giraffes but also with zebras, he is able to develop new ideas in horse training.
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Arran Parker (England)

I have been a horseman my whole life; listening to horses, observing their behaviour and educating them all from my little wooden cabin in Shropshire. I’ve been endlessly mesmerised by horses at liberty and intrigued by the possibility that they may one day achieve dressage in freedom. My personal training goal has always been to educate my horses in all of the high school movements and to achieve the moment where two minds and two bodies work together. I feel as though after training horses in many disciplines for over twenty years I should be able to allow my horses the freedom to achieve a balance so that they can dance for themselves.

As a child I was lucky enough to work with Ingela Larsson Smith and I became spellbound by the connection she’d achieved with her horses and had the benefit of her guidance for many years, before traveling the world to observer many of the great trainers pushing the boundaries beyond what I had seen before.

I’m now very grateful to be receiving coaching from the Master of the Academic Art of Riding Bent Branderup as I journey into the academic art of riding as my ongoing Student of the Horse journey continues.
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Bartolo Messina (Italy)

Bartolo Messina is an International equestrian artist and trainer, originally from Ischia, Italy, who specializes in liberty work with horses and ponies of all breeds and sizes.

From the world’s smallest show stallion and Guinness World Record, his mini shetty star Charly, to a Percheron, Bartolo Messina claims all horses can do liberty and will in fact benefit from it, whatever the discipline they take part in. Be it Arabs, Friesians, Lusitanos, PREs, Gypsies, Apaloosas, Norikers or KWPNs, there is no horse Bartolo will consider unsuitable, as long as the right approach is used and one is patient enough.

It is indeed with his patience, respect and deep love of horses that Bartolo manages to gain their trust and make them shine onstage, but also become happier, more balanced horses. His deep knowledge of horse language allows him to communicate with them and make them feel safe in his presence.

Bartolo Messina has performed in front of more than two million spectators, both as part of the world-known Cavalluna horse show and as the lead artist of his self-founded Aragonas Horse Show, but he has also helped hundreds of people achieve a better relationship with their horse.
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Belinda Bolsenbroek (Australia)

The Belinda Bolsenbroek Academy is a unique community where Art and Science combine to form a meeting of minds and a sense of common purpose which ultimately leads to the formation of a spiritual partnership between horse and human.

 Horses have stood at man’s side for over 4,000 years. They are our most noble companion and the ancient relationship of trust, honour and passion endures to this day.

 From the heroic war horse to the steady plough horse, our shared experience stretches back through the ages and is passed down to us through our genetic memories, our most prized ancestral gift.

 Belinda Bolsenbroek is our foremost ambassador of the Art of Classical Equitation in which the historic connection between horse and rider is expressed as a true partnership.

 The Academy is a place where our horses offer their power, majesty and magnificence freely and with dignity. The Academy is where we have the privilege of guiding and shaping these expressions of pride using a deep understanding of what is being offered and shaping it into an expression of exquisite movement.
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Berni Zambail (Switzerland)

Berni Zambail 6*Parelli Instructor
– Parelli Instructor is my second horse career – 
In my first career I was a professional horseshooer and I was running successfuly my own shoeing business for over 20 years.
I met Pat Parelli in 1991 and I became a Parelli professional in 1996
Since then I dedicated my life to the education of people and horses
This dedication takes me a round hole Europe to give clinics
Fortunately I be able to teach in at least four languages
English, German, Italian and French.
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Bill Dorrance (USA)

Bill Dorrance (January 19, 1906 – July 20, 1999)

July 20th of this year marked the 21st anniversary of this great horseman’s death. Just as Bill Dorrance slipped quietly away, so, too, has much of the impact of his important legacy, especially as it concerns the importance of the horse’s “mental setup,” as be used to call it. 
When he was alive, people used to find Bill’s logical, straightforward approach to horses and horsemanship refreshing. “I’ve always liked horses, and I’ve always wanted to help them do their job better, whatever it was that they had to do,” he said. 
Was it his generosity of spirit that attracted people to him wherever he went? Could it be that his kindness toward horses and their owners is what drew the beam of curious attention to him through cyberspace?
 In the mid- to late-1990s, stories about Bill Dorrance started to crop up in the horse industry’s trade journals on a regular basis. The wisdom inherent in his teachings, and the simplicity of his curiously effective demonstrations placed him in a unique position of respect among his fellow horsemen.
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Carla Bauchmueller (USA)

Holding her Master’s Degree in Economics in hand, 28 years ago, Carla decided to go back to her childhood dream of working with horses and riders. She’s had countless hours in riding horses and training students since, and thousands of hours studying firsthand in world renowned programs such as Sally Swift’s Centered Riding®  and The Classical German Training System. 

What deepens Carla’s teachings and sets her apart is her level of expertise in meditation, personal development and mindfulness training.  She is a certified meditation and yoga practitioner, leading and facilitating worldwide. 

This unique combination and expertise led her to create The Intuitive Rider. She helps riders from all over the world to be more balanced, safer and more connected in the saddle, and also deeply work on the emotional and mental side of being a horse person.
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Cathy Koetsier (England)

For more than 30 years Cathy has experienced how good it is to live in the presence of horses. She is particularly interested in facilitating horse-human partnerships through helping people:

  • ‘listen’ to horses by understanding body language communication and interpreting horse signals

  • become more congruent so that what the horses see correlates with the human’s self-awareness

  • avoid the shame-blame-condemnation cycle that so often gets in the way of effective interaction

  • find the internal quietness that is a particular gift horses offer us

  • stay below the bracing response of both horse and self by building trust and confidence in the partnership

  • respect the horse as a separate living entity with feelings, choices, an ability to communicate and an enormous amount to contribute

Cathy is a Masterson Method Equine Bodywork Practitioner and she finds that her work dovetails perfectly with her ethos of honouring the relationship. Masterson Method bodyworkers are trained to read and interpret the horse’s responses to touch to release muscular tension and discomfort, improve postural alignment, and increase flexibility and range of motion.

These sessions will carry the theme of growing the relationship by tuning in to what horses are trying to share with us. 
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Celina Skogan (Norway)

Celina is a german born trainer living up far north in Norway. Equidemia’s focus is the equilibrium of body, mind and soul of both, horse and human. As a german born dressage rider and equine cranio sacral osteopath, she likes to bring both perspectives into her work.

As a clinician, her students love her for joyful, well structured lessons that always keep focus on using dressage for the horse, not the horse for dressage. She believes each team is individual, and masters the art of adapting exercises to the individual needs. Bodywork, anatomical background knowledge, the academic structure of groundwork and riding as well as a schooled eye are helping her to find a perspective for each team.

She teaches in German, English and a little bit of Scandinavian. For students abroad, she can be booked for online lessons and international courses. On site on their farm beyond the arctic circle she takes horses for rehab and training, and offers courses and week student stays.
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Christofer Dahlgren (Sweden)

Christofer Dahlgren – Master of Academic art of Riding.
Christofer is a dressage rider, performing the Academic Art of riding for over 20 years. He is 39 years old, lives in Sweden and runs the company ”HorseVision Sweden”, together with his wife Rebecca (Liberty dressage rider). Christofer is teaching riders from all of Europe through clinics and also online. Christofer has educated a lot of horses up to the highest dressage level. Performing Piaffe, Passage, and School jumps. Christofer is known for his relaxed and soft way of riding and training horses. His main focus is always a responding horse with a relaxed state of mind. 
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Claudio Miguel Barrientos (Argentina)

I am Claudio Barrientos (32), a horse trainer, polo instructor and polo player from Argentina.

Since my father tamed horses, I have started riding from a very young age. I have always had an interest in polo. Hence in 2006 I have started to work as an assistant of a polo horse trainer in Pilar, Buenos Aires. I have learned the basic care and training of polo horses.As my interest in polo awoke more, I travelled to the U.S.A. and started working as a groom. For six intense years while working during the polo seasons both in the U.S.A. and in Argentina I have improved my skills, enhanced my knowledge and also started playing polo.

In 2012 I had an unmissable opportunity to work in China as stable manger, polo player and polo instructor. It has been an amazing chance to prepare and participate in numerous polo tournaments, experience snow polo, and see the equestrian-world from a perspective of a different culture. In summer 2019 I played several tournaments as a professional in the U.S.A. In October, 2019 I participated in the first World Traditional Horse Training Show in Anping, China, representing Argentina. I am proud to have been part of the handful of professinals from 14 countires, who have performed combining horsemanship skills, culture and art. This year, because of the pandemic and the travel bans, I have stayed in Argentina to train my horses. 

My passion for horses and polo inspires me to continue learning and improving more and I am thankful for this opportunity to be able to share my knowledge.
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Cody Deering (USA)

There was a lot of Californio Style riding and stock handling on the ranch when I was a boy. It was known as the Pacific Slope where I was from. I found out that when a job has to get done, it doesnt get done right, or even at all, unless you can really count on a good connection with your horse.

I made a load of mistakes and, eventually, got the point: Serious partnering with a horse means youll want to develop an unmistakable, two-way feel. Whether your working with horses, cattle, people or all three…it all takes a certain amount of feel, the feel you are presenting and also the feel you are receiving back.

After working horseback over 30 years, I could finally observe the little things about a horses try, I could appreciate his point of view much better.  Learning to see my actions more clearly from another perspective brought me to the point where I now recognize the moments when the horse, or cow or person needs a thing to be obvious. It feels better when the wrong things show up a lot less often. I work in Europe and the United States, helping others learn to slow down, see more, think more, and get more done, by doing less.  I make my home in Stevensville, Montana, with my wife, Eve Deering, and my two youngest sons, William and Zane.
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Corinne Almer (Swiss)

Born 1976 in Uzwil, Switzerland, I spend my obligatory school time in Oberuzwil Switzerland. Afterwards I lived 2 years (1993-95) in South Africa and went to the German school of Johannesburg before I started my apprenticeship as a physiotherapist at the school for Physiotherapy in Switzerland (1996-1999).

For 2 years I worked at the Central Hospital St. Gallen on Neuroorthopedic before I changed to a school for disabled children in St. Gallen, where I started with my education in Hippotherapy (Switzerland) and Bobath Therapy for children (London).

Since 2002 I work self employed with Hippotherapie-K®. First I could rent the horses 10 years long. In the year 2012 I bought my first own islandic horse, Orion. That was the time I really began to train and ride horses by myself. The second Islandic horse, Tungla followed 2016 and the third horse, Föndra in 2019.

The moments I see the shiny eyes and smiles of the kids, when they sit on the horse in therapy and the proudness of the horse itself – that`s what I really like in my job.
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David Alonso (Mexico)

David Alonso, is a mexican horseman with a very significant influence on today’s hispanic world, with over 320 thousand followers on social networks. In the course of his 20-year career in the equestrian industry, he has been able to accumulate sufficient experience to hold foal training clinics, assertive handling and correction of bad habits of horses with the Natural Horsemanship philosophy in various countries. In 2013 and 2014 he represented Mexico at the international  Horsemen’s Reunion held in Paso Robles, California, and brought together 20 of the best known trainers of the day.

 He has been able to focus his methodology on the use of the traditional mexican bozal for horses and expand it to apply to handling of mules, achieving amazing results and contributing to the development of a new way of training them and dealing with them as compared to how it was done in the past.
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David Lichman (USA)

David Lichman, Liberty Horse Specialist and author of the video series “Liberty Outside the Round Pen”, has been combining Natural Horsemanship with Positive Reinforcement Training to enable his Liberty students to create a connection with horses so strong, that it resists distractions, even out in large open areas. 

As a 5-Star Licensed Parelli Professional, David has been a teacher and mentor for thousands of students all over the world. He is the trainer of a World Grand Champion, a specialist in Gaited Horses, author of books, DVDs and magazine articles, lover of Lusitano Horses, Software Engineer, alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, and a veteran of 10 years on the road as — “the bass player in the band”.  As a result of his music training, David’s courses often focus on the value of music while riding. 

“Music takes you out of your thinking space and into your feeling space, which horses love.” – Mary Ann Kennedy, Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter
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David Stuart (Australia)

David lives on his families cattle station in Central Queensland, Australia and has over 25 years of experience. From starting young horses and dealing with horses with behavioural issues to teaching people the foundations of horsemanship. With a huge amount of experience working with horses and people all over the world, David has visited the continents of Australasia, North America, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. This has involved helping amateurs, professionals and professional organisations within the equestrian industry, enabling them to become safer and more competent around horses, giving them a foundation to build on. His relaxed manner, comfortable presence and ease in front of an audience has meant that David’s expertise has been showcased throughout the world at international shows and events, including: to the Dubai Royal Family, Burghley Horse Trials ( 4 star, premier 3 day international event), Horse of the Year Show, Your Horse Live, The British Horse Society s annual spring instructor s conference and Equitana Asia Pacific.
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Dimitar Trukanov (Bulgaria)

My methodology and the meaning I put into my teaching

About 20 years ago I started working on a project called “Madara Horseman”. The inspiration came from a monument carved into the rocks, which is a horseman with a spear accompanied by a dog, worshiped by a mountain lion. In the process of working on this project, many dilemmas and problems to solve arose, one of which was the training and preparation of the horse, as well as the training and preparation of the rider. My logic is that since we have such high requirements for the horse in the process of work, our requirements for humans should be many times higher. My observations are that in the training of riders there is very little emphasis on the work to build the specific balance needed, flexibility, endurance, coordination, of course in the context of riding and in particular the specifics associated with equestrian martial arts. These observations and my desire to become as whole as possible with the horse, because the symbol of the centaur has always been my leading element, inspired me to start searching, researching, experimenting and developing whole sets of exercises inspired by yoga, boxing, wrestling, cross fit and many others sports and arts of the horse’s back. Extremely working with various sports equipment with dumbbells, with one and two hands, with a partner and without a partner, sticks, rubber bands and much more.

In my practice I use many partner games. For me, learning through play is a leading principle and philosophy in my methodology. My observations are that in this way over the years I managed to build it as a comprehensive methodology that successfully works with people of all ages, at different levels and the results are more than good. Great results and proven therapeutic effect also has in people with spinal problems or various types of traumas. This method is also very helpful for people who have had a fall accident and suffer from post-traumatic stress.

It is an exclusive responsibility for us as teachers to train our students so that the activities are as useful and strengthening the body as possible. In this way we prepare the muscles of the body so that the load they will receive during riding, especially during trotting and galloping, does not cause damage to the rider. This requires very gradual and detailed work with many different sports equipment and exercises. Another aspect is that when we work in this way, the already trained rider can react much more adequately in extreme situations when falling from the horse, etc. His instincts and reactions are much more prepared and his muscles are prepared to prevent very serious injuries of an fall from the horse. I say all this on the basis of serious experience tested on myself over the years. My aim is to take care for all details with a student in such a way that the activities for him are successful, therapeutic and long-lasting. I strive to reveal the direction of this boundless art, through which they can improve themselves at all levels. In this context, I always encourage them to be creative, to look for solutions and to strive in every occupation to seek growth, to transcend and build on their own boundaries and limitations.
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Dominic Sewell (England)

Dominic Sewell International Historic Jouster and Horse Trainer

Dominic is based in England where he lives and trains with his 12 horses.He has been jousting for 20 years and has been training horses since 2001. Dominic was a founder member of the renown re enactment group Destrier but since 2007 has produced his own events with his company Historic Equitation.

At home Dominic trains both horses and people in historical riding styles as well as encouraging a younger generation to take up the pursuit of historical jousting.Training many types of horses for jousting it’s different forms Dominic champions the Boccado Carthusian horse as a brilliant example of breed of horse who’a bloodlines reach back into history. He owns two Boccado stallions bred in the hills above Seville. Dominic has participated and supplied horses for many of the major historic solid lance  jousts that have taken place since it’s correct re-inception in 2012 at St.Wendel in southern Germany.He has travelled all over the world jousting and is looking forward to its resurrection when events can be safely held.
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Emma Tytherleigh (Spain)

Born into horses, Emma grew up in one of the UK’s largest residential riding schools, in 2004 she discovered the world of Trick Riding and began to turn her passion for horses into a career. Performing as a Trick Rider, she fulfilled her dreams of working for the some of the very best equestrian shows from all over the world! United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Turkey, Germany, Canada and even toured the United States! Along the way she took the opportunities to learn different disciplines in Equestrian arts, from Classical High School to Hungarian Poste and Liberty. Now she hosts her own YouTube channel, giving her audience inspiring ‘backstage’ view to an Artists life and is quietly preparing for the touring theatre style show, Cavalluna, beginning October 2021 tour! 
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Eva Roemaat (Netherlands)

My name is Eva Roemaat and I’m 27 years old. I live in Holland. In 2007, my horse-life was turned around after visiting Cavalia with my mother. I never looked at horses or the horse world the same, having cried during most of the show: I was in complete awe.
…So the change began. I had no idea about the challenges and lessons I would face, when my haflinger Shilas came into my life. Everything I was, he did not agree with, and so my journey began. This horse has been my friend, my mentor and my most confronting mirror. Humans can teach you a lot, but nothing compared to horses.
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Filipe Fernandes (Portugal)

Filipe Fernandes is a portuguese dressage rider and currently in charge of the friesian equipe of the Cavalluna European Tour. He is coming from a classical riding background and was educated by Luis Valença. In Germany he was able to advance his skills with warmblood horses and found his passion for the friesian horses. Coming from riding lusitanos he found his own method to train friesians in a way that enables them to unfold their potential of movement on a new level.

Being experienced with show riding for more than twenty years now it is his passion to transport emotions trough his choreographys of quadrilles. Even to match friesians and lusitanos in one quadrille despite their various movements is a challenge that he is able to master and that brings him joy. To touch the audience in the heart is what drives him the most.
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Francesca Manley (England)

Total EquiPro founder, Francesca Manley, was a 5* international competition groom specializing in dressage and is now a rider in Equipe Filipe Fernandes, the Friesian team with the touring show Cavalluna.  

More than 15 years experience as an international groom in Europe, USA and the Middle East, working in some of the best stables in the world alongside world-class riders, grooms, vets and physiotherapists, has given Francesca a wealth of knowledge in the care of top quality horses.

Francesca started riding at the age of four. She competed in dressage, showjumping and eventing until the age of 22 when she decided to specialize in grooming, as her passion was taking care of the horses.

Francesca has a first class honours degree in Equine Business Management from Merrist Wood, Britain’s premier equine college.

Francesca’s passion has now taken her in a new direction becoming a rider and truck driver in the team Filipe Fernandes at Cavalluna. 
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Gabriele Boiselle (Germany)

Gabriele Boiselle – Photographing horses with passion

Gabriele Boiselle is not only one of the most famous equestrian photographers in the world; she is also a special personality who looks beyond the surface with her camera. Always in search of a horse’s soul or the close relationship between people and horses. Her photographs are often particularly emotional and move the observer profoundly. With a camera packed away in her luggage, she travels all over the world, passionate and obsessive about her love of horses. Each year calendars from Edition Boiselle adorn the walls of numerous horse-lovers all over the world. Since 1985 she has been publishing outstanding calendars and has also already published numerous books which have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Hanna Greve (Denmark)

Hanna Greve is physiotherapist, osteopath and horse trainer. Together with her horses she moved from germany to southern denmark. The mental and physical balance of the horse are Hannas passion. Horses have always been the middle point of her life and still teach her the most important things we sometimes seem to forget as human. She went to different trainers all over the world, is always looking for more knowledge and passes it on to her students. Hanna found her principles in the academic art of riding and combines it with freedome, health maintenance and delight. 
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Honza Bláha (Czech Republic)

Honza Bláha was born in small village in the Czech Republic, he had always been attracted by horses. At the age of nine he got the chance to learn riding.A long time has passed since then. Honza bought his first own horse called Gaston, which changed his life.

With Gaston develop groundwork and riding without any rains, lead rope or even sticks. He found out trustworthy liberty without escaping the horses.

Honza studied from many people and cooperate with world wide know  names. Did tours and shows across all world. Equitana, Show Jumping Amsterdam, USA Horse Tour…

Honza and Gaston create theirs own way. They were the first one, who find out it was possible to teach collection even when doing piaffe, passage, flying lead changes as well as pirouette… using entirely no strings.

They reach international cross country jumps course with completely free horse, also without sticks.

But any dressage manoeuvre, show or jump was for Honza never so important as the horse’s desire to be with you.

These discoveries has affected Honza´s approach to the training of horses and people for all over the world and it’s base for new style of training LineFreeCollection.
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Ingela Larsson Smith (Canada)

As a professional natural horsewoman, Ingela Larsson Smith has demonstrated her abilities in the Royal Mews for her Majesty the Queen of England, been summoned by Sheiks to tame their most challenging Champion Arabian stallions, and consulted, taught and shared her expertise worldwide.

Her incredible gift for horsemanship has been honed by professional training under renowned natural horsemanship masters. But it is her spiritual relationship with God that gave Ingela insight into the depth of connection that is possible with horses through the healing of the heart and transformation of the mind. This led her to establish Secrets of the Horse UK Ltd. and create the H-Factor System and True Connection. She is also the founder of the non-profit organization Horses for Orphans.

Her students are wide and varied: from Europe to the Americas, from millionaires to orphans. Ingela’s teachings impart understanding, passion and compassion.

Her focus lies in creating a heart connection with the horse and offering a peaceful atmosphere where the horse is able to let go of mental, emotional and physical tension. Helping the horse become fear free, results in relaxation in motion, which leads to true freedom and expression.
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Jana Vija Plačková (Czech Republic)

My name is Jana Plačková, but everyone calls me Vija. I live in the Czech Republic. My training yourney and communication with horses has accompanied me since childhood. I’m not a trainer created by another trainer, but I started working with horses the way I felt it. I learned how to listen and perceive them. They tell me what is right and what is wrong. The way I have chosen is endless. I keep going and working on myself. It’s not just working with horses, but it’s a lifestyle, a mission.
I have always surmised what I wanted to do, but I knew for sure what I didn’t want – nothing I couldn’t do from my heart. I’m a big dreamer and I fulfill my dreams. My hobby is my job – I train other horses, organize seminars, do shows… I work mainly with energies, with inner feelings, with tenderness and love. My biggest passion is free dressage with all my horses. I have 5 horses now and each of them is different. Each is a different personality. I have a mixed herd with mares and geldings, different breeds, different colors, different sizes, different behavior… Sometimes my dog ​​works with us. They all work together and fulfill my every wish.
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Jec Ballou (USA)

A passionate advocate for improving equine wellness and performance through fitness, Jec A. Ballou has authored four top-selling books, teaches throughout the U.S. and Canada, and contributes regularly to numerous publications. Combining a background in dressage with on-going exercise physiology studies, Jec helps riders understand how to use corrective and conditioning exercises to resolve many of the performance related challenges they face. Her book include: 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider, Equine Fitness, 55 Corrective Exercises, and 101 Western Dressage Exercises. She offers on-line courses through her web site at
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Jeff Sanders (USA)

Jeff Sanders was born into a family that started raising cattle and riding California hackamore and bridle horses as far back as 1854. Jeff then took that knowledge that was passed down to him through his family and expanded his education while traveling the world teaching. 

Jeff has been fortunate to be able to continue being a student while also making his living teaching. He has ridden with some of the top experts in the world and has even spent time living and studying in Spain. He has focused most of his continuing education on the old war riding that was practiced in Spain and all over Europe. This is the horsemanship the Spanish brought with them to the New World and continued to practice in Jeff’s native California. This is also the horsemanship Jeff’s family has practiced for 6 generations.

Jeff is dedicated to spreading the traditions of the California hackamore and bridle horse throughout the world. Traveling throughout the US, Australia, New Zealand, Western and Eastern Europe and even Israel teaching this style of horsemanship, Jeffʼs hope is that this proud tradition that respects the rider and honors the horse will not just survive but will once again flourish.
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Jenifer Zeligs, Ph.D. (USA)

Jenifer Zeligs, Ph.D. is a world-renown animal behaviorist with over 40 years of experience, award winning presentations on animal behavior modification, and numerous publications to her credit. In 2014 she published what has been called the new industry “bible” Animal Training 101: The complete and practical guide to the art and science of behavior modification.  Dr. Zeligs owns Animal Training and Research International which oversees an animal facility affiliated with the California State University system where she currently teaches.

Jenifer began in grade school learning to ride horses and then expanded to work with dozens of species both terrestrial and aquatic including training sea lions to film wild whales.

Dr. Zeligs’ experience in the animal care industry includes collaborating with and consulting for countless private and public facilities and organizations, as well as training animals for companionship, police, competition, liberty work, veterinary procedures, research, feature films, and public display. Dr. Zeligs has been featured in numerous documentaries and television shows.

The center of her work is to foster compassionate care of animals. Dr. Zeligs teaches a nuanced understanding of behavior modification through a pros/cons model without engaging in judging different approaches harshly.  Dr. Zeligs hopes to inspire trainers to further inquire and develop the art and science of behavior.  Her students now work with and mange a wide range of animal programs throughout the world. 
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Joakim Løvgren (Sweden)

Joakim Løvgren has a master degree in History from University of Southern Denmark, and is specialized in medieval Knightly Culture. As part of his studies he did a 7 months long internship at the Fürstliche Hofreitschule in Bückeburg studying the art of riding. His main interest is to explore how to train a horse to be as close to a medieval warhorse as possible. Throughout the Middle Ages horses were trained and used for war and Joakim seeks to recreate the methods and practices used several centuries ago. His fellow explorer is his 12 years old Andalusian stallion Absalon and together they investigate the needed maneuvers which were essential on a battlefield. They share an interest in historical riding with Norah Kohle with whom they train and live with on a farm on the west coast of Sweden. What they have found so far, is that a horse who is helped by subtle aids, encouragement and confidence is the best fighting companion a rider can get. A horse will help you defeat any obstacle when he/she is motivated by trust and kind aids from the rider!
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Jonathan Field (Canada)

Jonathan Field is a highly sought after clinician, with sold out clinics wherever he goes.

He grew up in both English and Western saddles before becoming a full-time cowboy on one of the largest cattle ranches in Canada.

Featured in major magazines and on national Television he is also a two-time Road to the Horse Finalist, and received the highly respected Jack Brainard Horseman’s award.

His Home Study DVD program offers proven practical steps to help people reach their dreams with their horses. His goal is to help you get so good with horses even your horse thinks so! 

Having authored “The Art of Liberty Training for Horses” Jonathan has inspired and educated thousands of people around the world that are also ‘Inspired by Horses!’ 
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José Eduardo Moreno Zermeño (Mexico)

My name is José Eduardo Moreno Zermeño and I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco. I come from five generations of the traditions of the Mexican sport known as charreria. I have been on a professional level for 20 years and counting. I train teams in Mexico and also in the United States. I’ve won five national competitions with my family team Alteñitas de Guadalajara. In 2007 I also won the only international competition with my family team.
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Jossy Reynvoet (Belgium)

“The only bit we need is a bit of knowledge.”
My philosophy revolves around this slogan that perfectly captures the essence of the horsemanship world and the biomechanical knowledge that is a fundamental part of the Academic Art of Riding. From my own experience I have learned that good intentions alone do not necessarily lead to a physically strong and healthy horse. These experiences have brought me onto my quest of helping other people and horses in reaching a state of mental- and physical wellbeing. The Bitless Art of Riding provides you with a structure that will guide you and your horse from your first encounter to the most advanced exercises of the Academic Art of Riding.
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Juan A. Vendrell (USA)

I started riding in Spain when I was five years old. Most of my early years were influenced by the Spanish riding tradition.

In 1992 I started traveling to the USA. This gave me the opportunity to meet and work with many great Horsemen like Alfonso Aguilar, David Alonso, Martin Black, and Chris Cox, among many others.

In my clinics I like to share what I’ve learned during the years from all of them and through my personal experience. I think that only experience can give you the feel and knowledge you need to communicate effectively with horses.

Currently I spend my time starting colts, working with problem horses, and giving clinics at our ranch in Texas, and traveling to different countries. My clinics are directed to to riders of all disciplines, horse owners who have problems, and riders whose relationship with their horse is determined by fear issues they would like to overcome.
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Juan Bernardo Bermeo (Ecuador)

Juan Bernardo Bermeo is a colt-starting specialist with a great ability to communicate and teach. His horsemanship approach is unique and life-changing. From the simplest explanation to the most intimate equine logic, Juan Bernardo has the special skill of illuminating and connecting his audience with the world of horses. And best of all, he provides tools and skills that are at everyone´s reach to start a positive relationship with a horse. 

Juan Bernardo was born in Quito – Ecuador in May 1977. He is the founder of “Tierra de Caballos”, a horse-ranch perched up high in the Andes mountains where Juan Bernardo spends his time starting foals, guiding horses with behavioural problems and accompanying horse-lovers on their horsemanship quest. Juan Bernardo supports both high performance equine teams as well as amateurs. He has invested many years observing the herds of cimaroons in the páramos (highlands) of Ecuador, studying horse leadership. This inspiration has led him to constantly seek coordination through subtle gestures in order to create a healthy and harmonious relationship with horses. He has had the opportunity to study with great teachers around the world. He has been invited to teach various courses on colt initiation and equine behaviour. He is a lover of quarter horses, esepcially cow horses.
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Julica Valentiner (Germany)

Julica Valentiner is an expert for trauma,- and neurocentered seat position training for horse riders. She is the founder of Sitzkunst „the art of sitting on horseback“ and travels regularly to Australia, Canada and Europe for clinics.

Her passion is all about how to become a better horse rider mentally, emotionally and physically. About 15 years ago she discovered that there is a close link between traumatic life experiences and the rider’s ability to have a soft and allowing seat position and mindset. For her a traumatic life experience is a situation in which the inner coping mechanism is overwhelmed and has no answer or solution. This can even happen in every day situations but for sure in accidents, severe stress, birthing process, violence and sexual abuse. 

Julica developed her own approach on how to deal with the aftermath of traumatic life experiences and integrated TRE® and neurocentered bodywork into her method. She is convinced that the solution for resolving blockages in our body is our brain and nervous system.  
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Karen Rohlf (USA)

Karen Rohlf, author and creator of Dressage Naturally, is an internationally recognized clinician who is changing the equestrian educational paradigm. She teaches students of all disciplines and levels from around the world in her clinics and the Dressage Naturally virtual programs.

Karen is well known for training horses with a priority on partnership, a studentempowering approach to teaching, and a positive and balanced point of view. She believes in getting to the heart of our mental, emotional, and physical partnership with our horses by bringing together the best of the worlds of dressage and partnership-based training.

Karen’s passion for teaching extends beyond horse training. Her For The Love Of The Horse: Transform Your Business Seminar and Mastermind/Mentorship programs are a result of her commitment to helping heart-centered equine professionals thrive so that horses may have a happier life in this industry. You can learn more about Karen at
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Katja Hunold (Denmark)

I’ve been fascinated by horses ever since I was four years old, much to my parents’ distress, who continuously and persistently tried to convince me otherwise. However, at the age of 11 they gave in and bought me my first pony. This mare was my partner in crime throughout my teenage riding years and carried me through numerous jumping competitions and perilous trail rides. During the following years, and particularly in the course of my studies to become a veterinarian, I had the opportunity to develop my own way of handling horses and communicating with them. Amongst other topics, I looked into the possibilities of training horses in a way that benefits them physically and mentally. I was intrigued by the classical and academic art of riding and liberty dressage. As part of my veterinary studies, I received further training in chiropractic and osteopathic treatment techniques, which enlarged my knowledge of biomechanics. I made the link between these techniques and riding and found that they enabled me not only to refine my riding aids and overall communication with the horse, but also to improve the overall quality of movement. Today, I practice the art of riding with a view to applying the ideas of Feldenkrais to the biomechanics of both horse and rider. This leads to a new kind of kinetics –  I call it “ psycho-mechanics”.

To me, the foundation of a connection that is stronger than any rein is the subtle communication with the horse at liberty, when our movements become one and where the horse shows initiative and pleasure.

It goes without saying that one of my areas of expertise is working with groups of horses…
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Katrine Buur (Denmark)

Katrine Buur is the founder of Contemporary Art of Riding, which has emerged from a genuine passion for the careful education of the horse. Since 2004 “Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup” has been an essential part of these studies. In recent times the horse word has parted from classical ideals in both positive and negative ways; from the perspective of the horse. Both some roughness and some softness has vanished. Let’s bring the softness back!

Academic principles make it possible to be fair and considerate to the horse’s body, mind and motivation – not only as an end result, but throughout the process. If we want a happy, healthy and lasting riding horse, we must first and foremost create and nurture the joy of moving together. In this way we can bring to do stuff with the horse, meanwhile we are able just to be together – in the moment. Slowly we dissolve the illusion that there is a difference between the two – “to do” and “to be”.

Go to him with kindness, bring him the gift of connection and teach him the forgotten language. He will be big soft wave, bringing you safe to shore.
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Kenneth Vansweevelt (Belgium)

Kenneth Vansweevelt is a teacher for horse and rider from Belgium. His teaching is challenging his students to think about their approach in their training. Questioning them about what they want to ask from their horse and how they want to reach it. Many students lack a clear vision in the training. Kenneth explains his approach step by step in theory and in practice with a concern for details in different approaches, like seen from the psychology or biomechanics. His first training goal is to take away all the unnecessary communication. It will ensure the sensitivity and the movement that the horse has from his own nature. The second training goal is to develop the horse and trainer to the best they can become. During the whole process Kenneth will enhance the spirit of the horse and trainer. The shape and dressage exercises are an end product from a psychological process, done with the least amount of framing possible.

The philosophy from Kenneth is according to the Academic Art of Riding and he is one of the licensed Bent Branderup® Trainers.
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Kim Dyer (Australia)

Founder of Heartland Equestrian 

Kim has a beautiful gift to create a soul connection with horses. She is an animal communicator, and understands the intuitive connection between horses and humans especially at liberty. Having the amazing opportunity to work with the beautiful Friesian and Warmblood horses she has been performing liberty and bridless displays in Australia.
She develops a kind and gentle horsemanship with an emphasis on Connection and Harmony between horse and rider. 
Specialist in bitless and bridless riding from classical dressage to show jumping and designs her own stunning range of bitless bridles.

 She is passionate about the journey not just the destination. Full of love, light and lessons we can learn on the way as our horses are our greatest teachers.
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Klaartje van Steen (Belgium)

Klaartje Van Steen is an Equine (Rehabilitation) Therapist located in Belgium. She travels around Belgium and towards other countries like Australia to give clinics and courses about horses health and communication. ‘A happy horse in mind and body’ is what drives her to help horses. Klaartje works with different therapies, like Traditional Chinese Medicine and bioresonance, to help horses to feel better in their own body. She helps the owner understand of what the horse is going through and what the source of certain behavior or physical difficulties is. When the horse his body and mind is back to balance, she works with rehabilitation therapy to help the owner and horse to get back on track. This therapy is based on communication and liberty. She believes that pressure and force will not help the horse to feel better or to move better in his body. From connection, movement motivation and liberty she brings owner and horse back together. So they can work on keeping the horse happy and healthy in his own body and mind.
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Laury Tisseur (France)

Standing tall on the back of six horses, racing full speed around slaloms, flying over large jumps. Not only a true artist, Laury has an exceptionally rare natural and humble talent when it comes to horsemanship. 

Born in the South of France Laury owes it to his God Mother for introducing him to the equestrian world. Growing up, surrounded by horses, Laury became obsessed, using any of his free time to be with them.

He was very fortunate to be introduced to Magalie Delgado and Federic Pignon at an early age, both legends in the Equestrian world for the multitude of talents they posses with horses. In later years he followed them all the way to the United States to perform in different numbers for thousands of people in what was at the time the worlds largest horse theatre, Cavalia. 

Later returning to the south of France, Laury spent years working in a stables that allowed him to expand his knowledge in many different ways of horsemanship from Classical Dressage, Doma Vequera to Trick Riding at this point there was almost nothing he hasn’t tried.

This opened the doors for him to join Cavalluna (then known as Apassionata) in 2007. He began as a Classical Dressage rider but forever chasing an adrenaline rush he started to perform as a fast paced Trick Rider and this put him onto the path that has paved the way to his future, standing tall on the back of six galloping horses in a discipline that is known as Hungerian Poste! 
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Leslie Desmond (USA)

On account of a fast ride in 1958 at age four, I was drawn to horses from the start.  That dismount wasn’t a cause for celebration, but what happened beforehand was. That top-speed experience shaped a perfect impression about horses and directed my ideas and expectations concerning them. 
In 1961, I would take some riding lessons from Ivan Taylor, a WW I veteran who kept ponies that he outfitted in full bridles. He told me this was a good skill to learn early. Ivan was old and after he died, I didn’t know what to do.  Hope that horses were in my future was rekindled by the discovery of books written by two authors who became pen pals in 1962.  Marguerite Henry sent postcards, and C.W. Anderson made small pencil sketches for my amusement on the outside of the envelopes that contained his thoughtful lines. They encouraged me to read and think about horses, so I did. A fine old racehorse came to live in the little field behind our house shortly afterwards. This marked the start of a fantastic journey that I still enjoy. Otherwise, I was formally educated as a journalist, (Boston University, ’76). In 1999, I published “True Horsemanship Through Feel”, a horse training manual that I co-authored with Bill Dorrance of Salinas, California.
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Linda Parelli (USA)


Linda is in demand throughout the world as a teacher, and presenter, and continues to develop concepts of better horsemanship, leadership, and confidence. Linda is the most highly rated Parelli instructor and horsewoman (Level 6).

Linda is also the author of several specialized subject DVDs in the Parelli Program, and the education director, and main writer for the Savvy Club Levels Program. Linda runs courses at the Parelli Center and Master Classes around the world. 

“You have to love horses, to want to be partners, to empower them, and to engage in a conversation rather than simply giving them instructions to follow.”

Linda is passionate about teaching and sharing as much as she can to make it easier for people to find joy and harmony with their horses.
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Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon) (USA)

A key attribute of Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon), is gratitude. Gratitude that the Tellington Method® has spread to 39 countries and is used successfully for enhancing relationships, behavior, performance, and health for all species, including in the field of human healthcare. She is grateful for her 21 books in 16 languages that are read by people with all levels of expertise, from pleasure riders to professional trainers, veterinarians, doctors and zoo keepers. She is grateful for the support of the superstars who wrote the forewords for her books: Professor Doctor Ewald Isenbugel, Olympian Ingrid Klimke, western legend John Lyons, and Cavalia favorites and close friends, Magali Delgado and Frédéric Pignon.

Linda’s contributions, developed over 50 years, have been recognized by multiple awards: Honorary PhD, Life-Time Achievement Award by the American Riding Instructors Association, induction into the American Massage Hall of Fame, Horsewoman of the Year, and in 2019, the international Sri Chinmoy “Torch-Bearer Award”. 

Above all Linda is grateful for her role in championing a magical relationship between a humans and animals: a “heart-to-heart, cell-to-cell and soul-to-soul connection.

Linda resides in Hawaii with her husband, Roland Kleger. Contact: Facebook: Tellington TTouch World
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Lisa Röckener (Germany)

I am Lisa Röckener, 25 years old and I have just finished my teacher training with the subjects sports and chemistry in Münster. Besides that I started my own business in the area of “Social Media ” and report there about my daily work, shoot videos for companies and products and give courses in ground work and free riding. In addition to the private riding students, I also ride other horses and present them at tournaments.

After a heavy fall in the crosscountry I approached the ground work and turned my training day completely upside down.

Through much trial and error, failure, but also success, I have found a new way. Since then I have been showing my work with the horses at various events, shows and fairs. It is especially important to me that a show horse can be worked in a different way. Meanwhile I am also competing in tournaments up to medium (M) level and ride in show jumping, dressage and eventing.

My wish is that tournament sport and horsemanship come closer together again, as I believe that both sides can learn from each other. Unfortunately, envy is great in equestrian sports, which is why a development towards fair cooperation and appreciation of one’s fellow sufferers is desirable.
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Lucía Pérez Manrique (Mexico)

Specialist in Animal Clinical Behavior for the Veterinary College in Autonomous University in Mexico and her own practice (Medicina del Comportamiento Animal)

Professor in Clinical Behavior at the Veterinary College in Autonomous University in Mexico

Colt starting at the Mexican Army College

Author of several scientific papers for international journals on horse behavior and welfare
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Luis Valença (Portugal)

Luis Valença, widely regarded as the greatest living practitioner of Classical dressage currently alive in the world today.  Mestre Luis Valença was hand-picked by the legendary Nuno Oliveira to be his principal apprentice and assistant in the 1960s.  Luis Valença and his family have been dedicating their lives to teaching both horses and riders for over 40 years.

A few highlights and accolades:

1974 – Obtained the 1st planning permission to build a riding and training centre for tourism purposes.
– Feb.1975 – mid 1977 – In Spain, specialised in the organisation and orientation of tourist groups.
– Mestre-Picador of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art
– Owner and Technical Manager of the CELG – Centro Equestre da Leziria Grande Lda. – Vila Franca de Xira
– Advisor for the Municipal Tourist Board of Vila Franca de Xira
– Technical Manager of the ‘Royal Horse Gala’ – a group of 4 academies with approximately 40 horses and 20 riders, aiming at the promotion of the Baroque horse (From 1996 until 2002)
– Technical Advisor for the A.P.S.L.
– Member of the Equestrian Directing Board of the FEP Portuguese Equestrian Federation
– 16.02.1998 Mestre de Equitação, “Riding Master” certified by the FEI – International Equestrian Federation (n.271)
– May 1998 – Awarded a Medal of Municipal Merit by the Town Hall of Vila Franca de Xira
– November 2000 – Golegã – Trophy ‘Revista Equitação’ for ‘Hipic Centres’
– Technical Director of the Equestrian Art and Tourist Centre Academy -‘The Horseshoe Point Resort and Country Club” in Pattaya, Bangkok, Thailand.
– November 2001 – Golegã – ‘Career Trophy’
– August 2002 – Awarded the Title of ‘Patron’ of the Equestrian Show Academy of Versailles.
– June 2003 – President of the 15th Edition of the International Festival of the Lusitano. During this festival a Tribute to him was made and the was awarded the title of “Cavaleiro Honorário da Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre” “Honorary member of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art”

Luís Valença, who worked many years with the famous “Mr. Nuno Oliveira” is recognized today as one of the biggest contemporary trainers of Iberian Horses.

At home in the “Centro Equestre da Lezíria Grande” situated in Vila Franca de Xira – Portugal, he teaches the classic horsemanship with the horses and riders who come from the four corners of the world.

With his classes he reveals his perception of the nature of the horse and demonstrates by specially adapted lessons how to get a strong basis for classic horsemanship; he presents methods of work leading to Mastery of High School.
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Manolo Oliva (Spain)

Manolo was born in Jerez de la Fra. , the city of the horse. That is why it is not surprising that since he was a child he walked with horses, already at the age of 10 he played with his pole behind the cows

From the cowboys he went on to educate himself in classical horse riding with Mr. Luis Ramos-Paul, founder rider and head of studies at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art (REAAE). With Manuel Ruiz (REAAE) he learned high school and the art of long reins. With Jean Claude Disly he learned everything related to western dressage, cutting and working cow horse. With all this knowledge and his years as Director, rider and teacher of La Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda, he arrived in central Europe. Where he was recognized as a multitalented rider in all congresses such as Equitana, Eurocheval, Pferd and Jagd … Rider, artist and choreographer of Apassionata and other international equestrian shows. He is known worldwide as one of the most complete instructors for all types of riding. With more than 30 years of professional experience, due to his authenticity, knowledge, patience and empathy, he promotes and optimizes the equestrian skills of each of his students. Makes your lessons a pleasure and opens up new perspectives for the future of your students.
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Marc Lubetzki (Germany)

Marc Lubetzki – German wildlife filmmaker, wild horse expert & author

Marc has been observing various wild horse herds all over the world since 2012 – from the Mustangs to various old original breeds to feral domestic horses. He lives in the herds day and night and in different seasons in order to be able to explore the horses lives up close and in their original habität. In his documentaries, seminars and lectures, Marc reports on herd structures and hierarchy, social behavior and eating habits, body language and communication.

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Marcin Ruda (Poland)

“My job is to produce modern and historical saddles and adjust them individually to both the horse and the rider.

To achieve the best results, I use modern technologies such as creating a model of the horse’s back and saddle in 3D and CNC machining in direct production.

I have a master’s degree in biology and for years I have been improving in the art of horse riding, interested in natural methods, and currently training dressage, which allows me to produce more and more perfect products.

Currently, with the help of trainers, historians and other specialists from around the world, I am trying to restore and reconstruct the early baroque riding of the 16th / 17th century, based on Italian, German, French, English and Polish equestrian treaties.

Thanks to all of these, my work perfectly complements my life passion.”
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Marie Desodt (France)

Marie DESODT started Horse-riding at the age of 5 years old.

As a kid, she’s always been dreaming of doing Horse-show and therefore, she made her first steps in Germany for Mario Lurashi at the age of 18.

Thereafter, she left Germany for Andalucia in order to learn some technics of Dressage and Haute-Ecole with the Spanish rider Ricardo Navas.

Back in France, she participated at Cheval Passion at Avignon with her 2 ponies and she is offered a position of equestrian artist in residence in Aurillac’s Haras and then Rodez.

Thank to this experience, Marie started creating her own company composed of horses and ponies with which she performed many shows through France and Europe.

At the age of 26, she settled down with her partner Charly Feuvrier at Maîche, in the region of Franche-Comté. They build up their stable named “Ecurie du Cerneux”.

Marie and Charly performe in France as well as abroad with a panel of Horse-Shows which include Liberty acts, Trick-riding, Haute-Ecole. Among them, they participated at the MISEC in 2017 with the act called “The Kiosque” which won a special favorite price.

Following this, Marie stand out with her Dressage in liberty performance of her appalooz ponies shetlands. In 2020, she introduces her new act named “Petit à Petit” which means “Little by Little”. This act, with her 7 ponies, is encountering a growing success.

Her motto is : “ It’s not because we are small that we cannot be like the adults”
Demo Videos: Liberty Arena and Fun & Lifestyle Arena

Mark Bolender (USA)

Mark Bolender is the nation’s leading expert in Mountain Trail, Extreme Mountain Trail, and Competitive Trail. He’s a three-time National Champion and one of the most popular trainers in the country. Today, Mark’s unique style of horsemanship has made the Bolender brand synonymous with these disciplines.

Mark’s unique demonstrations stimulate and entertain his growing audiences. Featured on TV’s “Best of America by Horseback”, Mark has written for numerous national magazines. He authored the popular book, “Bolender’s Guide to Mastering Mountain and Extreme Trail Riding”; the first book written about these sports. Mark and his horse, Checkers also hold the sports’ all-time highest honors. In fact, Checkers was distinguished by becoming the 2020 Breyer Horse. 

Mark and Lee Bolender founded of the “International Mountain Trail Challenge Association” (IMTCA) to promote these sports. Today, the IMTCA trains judges, coordinates activities, and maintains certifications around the world.

Mark owns and operates Bolender Horse Park in Washington State, which is the America’s premier Mountain Trail. Mark has also designed and built Mountain Trail courses around the world. In the past year alone, he’s built courses in Missouri, New Mexico, Canada and Germany, demonstrating the increasing popularity of these equine disciplines.
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Markus Scheibenpflug (Swiss)

Markus Scheibenpflug is an Austrian Veterinarian living in Switzerland. 

When he got a horse for therapy in 2015, which was irregular moving, lameness of the first degree, and all investigations in various specialist clinics only unsatisfactory diagnoses made, this horse was also headshaker. He focused primarily on the therapy of lameness by bringing the horse into the biomechanically correct flow of movement. The horse was also free of headshaking from the moment it was moving biomechanically correct.
His theory is that due to the wrong sequence of movement, the trapezius muscle, its state of tension, pressure or tension, are taken up by fibers of the trigeminal nerve and directed to the CNS, where they make the trigeminal nerve overreactive. 

As long as the trapezius muscle can not release due to an incorrect biomechanics, the headshaking will not completely disappear. For the last 5 years he trained more than 300 headshakers by himself and is introducing more than 2500 members of his facebook-group to help their horse get cured from that violent sickness. 
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Martin Veverka (Czech Republic)

Coming from Czech Republic. Working full-time as a horse trainer focused on classical dressage, shows and stunts with horses.

He was educating himself by many teachers like Wolfgang and Christin Krischke in Hofreitschule in Bückeburg, Richard Hinrichs, Yuran Volodchenkov etc.

During the years he wanted to do still more with horses, so he started not only with classical riding art, but also with stunts, trick riding and swordfights on horseback. All these things he can use for his main work, which is preparing horses for movies.
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Matilda Schmechel (Spain)

Matilda Schmechel is a 31 years old German/Finnish dressage rider living in Spain. Starting to ride at the age of 5 she got her first own horse at the age of 14. Already then it was clear for her that it had to be a Spanish (Andalusian) Horse. During her Equine Business Management studies in the Netherlands she went for several internships in Spain and moved there after graduating from university.
In Jerez de la Frontera she passed the difficult entrance exam at the famous Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art for the four-year training course as a professional rider. Since then she has been training horses up to the highest dressage level, teaching riders from all over the world through clinics, online and on her own schoolmasters in southern Spain. Further she offers Spanish horses for sale and competes in dressage competitions. Matilda is known for her calm way of riding and teaching and for explaining everything in such a way that the rider perfectly understands why he is doing what and when.
She tries to bring rider and horse into a harmony, which leads to the fact that riding becomes as easy as possible and at the same time the potential of the horse is worked out and its weaknesses are improved.

The ultimate goal for Matilda is always a relaxed horse that is trying to give its best and willing to work for his rider.


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Mauro Madariaga Nájera (Mexico)

Mauro Madariaga Nájera

13 years of experience in the behavior and management of Equines (donkeys, mules and Horses) has participated in courses, congresses, national and international symposia, has carried out workshops and personalized courses with other professionals in the training and study of behavior. 

His objectives are to promote and improve the human-equine relationship based on applied ethology, learning theories, and equine cognition.  His work philosophy is: human-equid interaction, first contact, basic training, basic leasing, behavioral modification.

Being able to work with these 3 species of equidin a constant way has facilitated the development of skills and change the attitude towards handling with equines, it being in their own interest that each person who is trained with Mauro and develops these skills and attitudes to improve communication and  the teaching-learning process with our equidae.
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Mélie Philippot (France)

Mélie Philippot, Passionate about horses and show business for a long time, I hesitated for a long time before making it my job, not having had the traditional rider training. But, what a better adage than “to hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop!” “…

I knew that if I wanted to make it my job, I had to work a lot but, at the same time, this difference in approach to the horse would allow me to awaken interest in my future employers.

Despite my poor level in classical riding, I quickly demonstrated that, through hard work and will, I will fill in my gaps.

The first person to trust me was Mr. Yves Bienaimée, founder and director of the great stables of Chantilly. He offered me a part-time groom job at the stables and allowed me to learn in my spare time, so that I was up to the standard to perform in his shows.

8 months later, I joined the show troupe, then it was still a few months later that he offered me the position of head of the large stables.

Wishing to learn more, and dreaming of working with Bartabas, the founder of the Zingaro show company, I tried my luck to join the future great Académie du spectacle équestre de Versailles. During the auditions, it was among thousands of applicants that I was able to convince the members of the jury, and Bartabas himself, by my tact and my sensitivity. The auditions were international and only 12 students were to be selected. This academy allowed me to open up to other disciplines essential for the show: dance, singing, drawing, staging …

Eager to stand on my own feet, I needed, after two years of teaching at the academy, to explore as many universes as possible related to equestrian show, both in the education of the horse and in the writing shows. So I “dragged my boots” in the most famous places in the field, directly related to the show and the work of the horses. I worked at La mer de sable, with Mario Lurashi, a famous film trainer, I went to Patagonia to train Florent Pagny’s horses, I worked Dany Boon’s horses …

It was then at the Haras de La Roche sur Yon that I was able to write and create my first numbers, the director trusting me completely. One of the first numbers I created was very successful very quickly and allowed me to conquer the international equestrian show market. I was able to perform in all the biggest cities in Europe: Hamburg, Amsterdam, Dublin, Stockholm, Rome …

It is very important for me to respect the horses. My work is done calmly and gently. My horses are mostly partners and best friends. At home, it’s me who takes care of them, I need this relationship. All the horses are exceptional for me. The big ones, the small ones, the calm ones, the nervous ones … It’s often them who give me the idea of a new show.
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Monty Roberts (England)

MONTY ROBERTS first gained widespread fame with the release of his New York Times Best Selling book, The Man Who Listens To Horses; a chronicle of his life and development of his non-violent horse training methods called Join-Up®. Monty grew up on a working horse farm as a firsthand witness to traditional, often violent methods of horse training and breaking the spirit with an abusive hand. Rejecting that, he went on to win nine world’s championships in the show ring. Today, Monty’s goal is to share his message that “Violence is never the answer.”

Roberts has been encouraged by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the award of the Membership in The Royal Victorian Order, as well as becoming Patron of Join-Up International. Other honors received were the ASPCA “Founders” award and the MSPCA George T. Angell Humanitarian Award and FEI’s Man of the Year. Monty was recently included as Horse and Hound Magazine’s Top 50 Horsemen of All Time. Monty is credited with launching the first of its kind Monty Roberts Online University; an interactive online lesson site that is the definitive learning tool for violence-free training.

MONTY ROBERTS first gained widespread fame with the release of his New York Times Best Selling book, The Man Who Listens To Horses; a chronicle of his life and development of his non-violent horse training methods called Join-Up®. Monty grew up on a working horse farm as a firsthand witness to traditional, often violent methods of horse training and breaking the spirit with an abusive hand. Rejecting that, he went on to win nine world’s championships in the show ring. Today, Monty’s goal is to share his message that “Violence is never the answer.”

Roberts has been encouraged by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the award of the Membership in The Royal Victorian Order, as well as becoming Patron of Join-Up International. Other honors received were the ASPCA “Founders” award and the MSPCA George T. Angell Humanitarian Award and FEI’s Man of the Year. Monty was recently included as Horse and Hound Magazine’s Top 50 Horsemen of All Time. Monty is credited with launching the first of its kind Monty Roberts Online University; an interactive online lesson site that is the definitive learning tool for violence-free training.
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Norah Kohle (Sweden)

Norah Kohle has many years of experience and is a professional horse trainer since 2011, specialised in horse psychology, problem solving and liberty dressage. With a background in both traditional Natural Horsemanship and reward based training methods she has a broad spectrum of tools to solve a variety of horse/human issues. Norah puts her theory into praxis with her own young lusitano horses, Aramis and Jaquetão. After experiencing Aramis going through a hard time from being rescued and brought to another country she developed a system to ease anxiety, restlessness and stereotypical behaviours. She puts great effort into creating a safe, calm and pleasant environment for the horse, allowing it to process information and learn. Norah lives on a peaceful farm on the west coast of Sweden, together with Joakim Løvgren and their horses, dog, cats, geese and hens. With their quiet valley as a backdrop she welcomes both Swedish and international students together with their horses to learn. Finding a mutual language that acts as a bridge between horse and human is her passion, and to create an understanding which can be developed in the direction of your choice.
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Oscar Scarpati Schmid (Argentina)

Oscar Scarpati Schmid, is born in San Luis Argentina in November 8th of 1948. Author of “Mi alma de Caballo” (My Horse Soul) the autobiography from his childhood until these days (Available from November 2020). He spent his life observing and studying horses. He have created a method called Doma India honoring the Ranquel Tribe (native people from San Luis), bringing to the world his own legacy of a healthy life, elasticity, and creativity. His work is based in the game that horses play each other in their youth. The principal characteristic is the way that he establishes the hierarchy thru this primal game where normally the results are a fast and strong bond, opening the door to an honest, natural and relaxed relationship that promotes a good subsequent training process.
Demo Videos: Grounwork Arena and Forum for Training & Behavior

Pat Parelli (USA)


A master horseman with an uncanny ability to “read a horse”, and knowing how to communicate, interact and respond within a split second changed the way we interact with horses today. Pat has the talent, knowledge, and the passion for teaching both horses and people.

Pat is an extraordinarily gifted teacher because of his ability to share what he’s learned from the great masters in an interesting and creative way. He makes learning fun and helps people learn the “unteachable” such as feel, timing, and balance. As a modern master, Pat’s work is nowhere near finished. He continues to innovate in new, more specialized directions such as performance and competition. He proves that love, language, and leadership can not only produce a top competitor, but it will also allow for continuous improvement of one.

Pat Parelli has been featured in over 1,000 magazine articles, and has presented privately for the Queen of England, President Reagan, Tony Robbins, Gene Autry, and Tom Selleck. Pat Parelli has over 200,000 students in his long distance, online learning program called the Savvy Club. With 250 instructors worldwide in his Licensed Professionals Program, Pat has set out to help make the world a better place for horses and the humans who love them.

Pat Parelli’s focus is on preserving real horsemanship and to help you become the person you have always wanted to be with your horse. Learn more about the history of the program.
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Pedro Neves (Portugal)

Pedro is portuguese and lives here in the Ribatejo region, which is renowned for the breeding and promotion of the Lusitano horse. He runs his stables since more than 20 years and with his big passion for the amazing Lusitano horses.

Pedro Neves is one of Portugal´s established professional riders having been trained by some of the best Portuguese Masters. Pedro´s principal philosophy is to create balance and harmony between horse and rider by developing the abilities of both by using classical techniques.

He is a member of the National Portuguese Working Equitation Team and regularly takes part in international equestrian displays such as Royal Windsor and Olympia in the UK, Stockholmhorseshow in Sweden, Pferd & Jagd in Germany, Cheval Passion in France and in China. The working equitation has always been Pedros discipline; with the Portuguese team he won the European championship.

Pedro is teaching riders at his place in Portugal but as well all around the world. He is a very experienced and passionate teacher.
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Pettra Engeländer (Germany)

Independent European Horseback Archery School
Pettra Engeländer and her martial arts school on horseback has been known for 20 years and is the leading initiator of these nine arts.

The world champion in Natural Horseback Archery © and Apassionata-Star is successful beyond Germany with her unmistakable art of horse and bow. In her own training center in Fulda, but also in Switzerland, Austria and Iceland, she offers lessons and training for the HorseAiKiDo Trainer ©.
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Rebecca Dahlgren (Sweden)

Rebecca Dahlgren – Liberty Dressage

Rebecca is a Liberty Dressage rider from Sweden. She’s 39 years old and working full-time for over 20 years, training horses and riders in Liberty Dressage. She lives in Sweden and runs the company ”HorseVision Sweden”, together with her husband Christofer (Master level of the ”Academic art of riding”). Rebecca is teaching riders from all of Europe, both giving clinics, shows and also online teaching. Even though Rebeccas main focus is Liberty training. She also take a big interest in the Academic Art of riding. Her goal is to ride her horses on a higher dressage level with balance and roundness in Liberty.
Demo Videos: Liberty Arena

Ricardo Espalter (Uruguay)

Ricardo Espalter lives in Melilla: a rural area 20 km (13 miles) away from Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city. His bond with horses started at a very young age, kindled by his Grandfather. Despite Uruguay’s “gauchi” tradition, Ricardo is a firm believer and follower of the California Vaquero Tradition. He learned about this school through his mentor Eduardo Borba: the Brazilian renowned horseman.
After many years of studies and trips to the US, where he attended clinics given by expert trainers from diverse disciplines, his understanding of horses and his training style took shape.

He now lives in “La Soleada”, an equestrian center where many people work with their horses: training and riding them on a daily basis. La Soleada’s mission is that people manage to fully grasp how horses think: their nature and reactions. Riders need to understand their horses’ physical, mental, and emotional needs so as to build harmonic relationships with them, leaving behind mistrust, imposition, and intimidation. It takes a long time for people to develop this type of relationship with horses; it is actually a never-ending path: a life-style that changes a person forever.
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Samuel Hafrad (France)

Samuel, at the age of 8, discover horse riding with the chances to practice in riding school. His truly passion and need to participate to horse show grown while his few years in agricultural college when he discover “Cheval Passion” (horse exhibition in Avignon, South of France). 

He worked with some of the biggest and greatest name in Horse Show as such as Hasta Luego’s, Lucien Gruss, Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado, and has been participating to Cavalia Tour.
He also teached at the Moroccan Royal Guard for 3 years.
He has been marked especially by a meeting: Jean-François Pignon, with whom, he will work with during a year, which have been determinant in helping him find is way. 

In the following months, Samuel choose to launch his solo career, accompanied by his faithful horses, Zak and Saxo, joined by Boubou not long after that. He also created a troupe : “Alliance Voltige”. With which he will do some of the best stage in France and worldwide such as “Les Crinères D’Or”, “Stuttgart Greman Master”, “Stockholm Horse show” ….

He principally work in liberty, trick riding and Jockey acrobatics.

Great educator, Samuel give a lot of training period, in France and in Europe, especially in liberty where his willing to make people discover his horse approach and help owners to solve their problems with their mount or to fulfill their objectives.

Saskia Limbeck (Germany)

Grown up in a breeding stable for Arabian horses Saskia was in charge for the training of young horses since she was little.

2013 she finished studying physiotherapy for humans as a Bachelor of Health & Science and since 2018 she is a physiotherapist for horses as well. 

Saskia is training horses focussed on trick training, groundwork, liberty work and bitless riding. She gives lessons and clinics in Germany.

With her own horse, a 13 year old Arabian Stallion, she is going to distance riding competitions up to 80km as well as working in bitless dressage riding and high class handwork exercises.
Demo Videos: Handwork & Gymnastics Arena

Sélyne & Jérémy Gonzalez (France)

Coming from a family where the Horse has a prominent place, Jeremy followed the way of his father, passionate for dressage and liberty work. He was given the same fascination and a precious knowledge of horses. 

Selyne has always been in love with horses, as far as her memory goes. When she was a child, she was galloping in the fields with her unrestrained ponies. She was spending hours looking at them, sitting next to them, trying to understand them and to establish a strong relationship with each pony. Jeremy laughs at it: “Since ever, Selyne spends so much time to observe horses that she can really think like a horse with an extraordinary sensitivity”

They were very young when they met and were immediately brought together by their unconditional love for horses. They learn together, work together, anytime and anywhere. “Jeremy has such a relationship with horses that I enjoy to simply look at him. He gives a lot to the horses and the horses give him back.”

For Sélyne & Jérémy Gonzalez, if complicity and relationship with horses are important, precision and accuracy of gesture are also essential, building their solid reputation with professionals as much as with amateurs.

All horses follow a methodical training of gym and suppleness, and then, S&J put their trust in them for the performance: “horses are generous and attentive. They are able to give all and even beyond their own limits to make us happy, if we make them want to. They are stars ready to shine.”

Sharon Wilsie (USA)

Sharon Wilsie is the author of Horse Speak: The Equine Human Translation Guide, Horses in Translation, a DVD First Conversations, and a third book to be released 2021.

Horse Speak® is an effective system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language instead of expecting them to understand ours.

Sharon has enjoyed a professional career as a horse trainer/rehabilitation specialist, intercollegiate coach, and riding instructor.

She has developed and implemented several programs over the last decade, including; volunteer training groups for horse rescues and therapeutic riding centers, Equine Assisted Learning courses at the college level.

In recent years, she has instructed a multitude of workshops, seminars, and engagements in a variety of topics about Equine Facilitated Therapies, alternative training and rehabilitation methods for difficult horses and horses with PTSD around the globe.

Sharon’s passion has always been to create a two – way street of mutual healing, awareness, and betterment for both horses and people. She takes the mystery out of what horses are saying and give precise tools to her clients, so you too can build a lasting rapport with your equine companion.
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Shlomik Raziel (Israel)

Horse trainer, riding  instructor and certified journeyman farrier,  Shlomik has been training horses for over 30 years after attending his first  horsemanship clinic given by Art Gaytan from California, he knew then what he wanted to do when he grew up.

Shlomik  visited Art regularly to train and ride horses with him in California and stayed in close contact with him until the day Art died in 2011.

In 1998 he travelled to Spain to train and ride with masters  from the Spanish Royal Riding School.

In 1999 Shlomik travelled to Oklahoma where he studied horse shoeing and qualified with distinction.

Shlomik has a BA degree in Criminology from the Bar Ilan University.

Between 2000-2003  Shlomik and his wife Mia lived in California and worked with a number of horse trainers including Doug Williamson (cow horse) and Dusty Watkins (team roping).

In 2014 Shlomik  started in Israel the Extreme Cowboy Race and today it is the fastest growing sport in Israel.

Today Shomik and Mia (cutting trainer and therapeutic riding instructor) live with their two children on their horse ranch in the Golan Heights

Shlomik specialize in Colt Starting, Behavior problem solving, training rope horses, Spanish riding exhibitions (Doma Vaquera) and clinics throughout Israel.

During his professional career Shlomik has taken part in many clinics worldwide and has been privileged to meet both Tom Durrance and Ray Hunt.
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Silke Vallentin (Germany)

Silke Vallentin (German Parelli Professional 4-Star Senior Instructor and Horse Development Specialist) started her horsemanship career in the early 90s when she discovered and studied Parelli Natural Horsemanship. After a stay of several months at the Parelli Center in Pagosa Springs at the foot of the Rocky Mountains she became one of the first authorized Parelli Instructors in Germany in 1999. In the following years she also studied with many well-known horse people, including Freddy Knie sen., Ray Hunt and riding master Bent Branderup.

More than ten years ago she founded her own training center “Hippocampus Vallentin” near Leipzig, Germany, which she has been expanding and developing ever since – with the support of her son Janek. This year the extension of the indoor riding arena was completed and an extensive paddock trail for the boarded horses was built. The entire facility now covers over seven acres. The hippocampus is the venue for their popular holiday courses, study weeks, intensives and weekend workshops. All dates are always available on their homepage:

For more than 20 years now, Silke has been training horses and people. She passes on her knowledge on courses worldwide and is a regular guest with her show team at fairs and horse events all over Europe. In 2014 her 4-part training DVD “A mental Connection” was released.

Silke Vallentin’s training is mainly about communication, harmony and motivation between man and horse. If the mental connection to the horse is right, even dressage lessons of the Haute École can be developed only on small signals and energy.

Silke Vallentin has written down her concentrated knowledge and her way of communicating with horses in her textbook “Mit Horsemanship zur Hohen Schule”: A systematic guide with more than 450 exercises and over 600 photographs. She self-published it in 2017. ( An English translation of the book with the Title: “Horsemanship to Haute École” is now available for direct download! (
Demo Videos: Liberty Arena and Handwork & Gymnastics Arena

Sofia Bacioia (Italy)

I’m Sofia Bacioia, i’m 20 yo, i come from Italy. I do working equitation since 2015 I won 2 European championship in 2017 and 2018 and 2 Italian championship in 2016 and 2017; now I’m working in cavalluna with an amazing number with fire always doing working equitation!
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Sonja Ruffieux (Switzerland)

My name is Sonja Ruffieux and I live in Switzerland.

I was very lucky to grow up with horses. I could live out my passion every day in my stable. Even as a teenager I had rather difficult horses that challenged me extremely.  So it came that I started with ground work and calmness training. Soon you could see the first successes and so I knew that I had found the right way. I attended many clinics, read books and tried out many different methods.

Since 2010 I have been taking regular dressage lessons after classical dressage with various qualified trainers in Switzerland and in Spain.

Since 2013 I have been working intensively with Horse Agility. In search of different Horse Agility methods, I have finally developed my own method over the years. This method consists of ground work, work with obstacles and liberty dressage. I have summarized my method in my Horse Agility book.

I continue my education with various qualified trainers in various areas of horse and rider training.
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Sonja Weber (Germany)

Sonja Weber has been training horses and riders in the tradition of  “Légèreté” for 23 years near Frankfurt/Germany. The lightness referred to is not a matter of taste but an important prerequisite  to enable horse and rider to benefit from all aspects of training. In order to do justice to classical principles and the nature, the development of the weight carrying abilities of the horse initially plays a decisive role and individual exercises are either used as a means to an end or are gradually correctly developed in the course of correct training. The horse is not pressed into a particular shape  for dressage exercises, but the dressage forms the body for its own good and is adapted to the characteristics of each horse.

Sonja’s past trainers include Marc de Broissia, Philippe Karl, Katrin Müller, Manuel Oliveira…

“From the Basics to High School” she focuses on keeping the horse healthy up into old age. Sonja is committed to a riding culture that focuses on respect and development for all participants, whereby the classical contents are proved and substantiated with modern scientific knowledge.

She has a diploma in biology specialized in horse behavior. She works as an author and filmmaker.
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Steffi Schade (Germany)

Steffi Schade has been a trainer since 2008, giving seminars and clinics throughout Germany. Together with her husband Christoph and her parents, she is running „Meggi’s Farm“ a horse and human training centre in the middle of Germany.

Her topics are:

  • Riding with gentle aids

  • Horsemanship training

  • Liberty training with horses

  • Trail and Horse Agility

  • Training in nature
    Demo Videos: Liberty Arena & Riding Arena

Stormy May & Fenja Königsmann

With 53 years of combined experience, Stormy May and Fenja Königsmann have partnered to share their passion to form a new heartful world for horses and humans. 

Stormy May’s early career included horse training, dressage and eventing competition and work as a Chief Horse Management Judge and National Examiner with the United States Pony Club. In 2006 she followed her dream to more deeply study the horse human bond, which resulted in the highly acclaimed documentary The Path of the Horse. Stormy teaches workshops internationally and continues to srudy horses, humans and our relationship tot he natural world. 

Fenja Königsmann’s journey into the equine world began with an extensive background in horse training; which unexpectedly led to a career-jolting relationship with a challenging mare named Garzi. Since 2013, with Garzi as her most influential teacher, Fenja has pursued a holistic path, studying various methods and earning professional certifications in equine acupuncture, thermography and massage. Fenja’s understanding of horse-human dynamics continues to evolve, as she makes progress toward international credentials in equine osteopathy.

Stormy and Fenja continue to teach an international audience together, helping horses and their humans connect compassionately and in allignment with their true nature. 
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Susanne Lohas (Germany)

I have always been drawn to horses!

For me, they unite freedom, strength, pride, adventure, beauty, elegance, playfulness, nature – life!

With the knowledge of classical dressage, classical ground work, Natural Horsemanship and a broad experience with many different horses and students, I have constantly developed my own concept “Horse-in-Balance”.

“Horse-in-Balance” is a way that man and horse can become a wonderful unit on the ground and when riding – with heart, rhythm, leading and forming aids, patience and the love for detail – for a „Horse-in-balance“.

The aim is to enjoy working with our horses, to master everyday life with ease, to be able to do gymnastic exercises with lightness on the ground or on horseback – and if you want – everything at liberty and without saddle and bridle.

Today I work with and for my 5 horses and my little great Partbred-Shetty. I give lessons on my farm near Stuttgart and almost every weekend I am on the road for courses in Germany and around the world.

It fills me to support and accompany horse owners and their horses on their way to a wonderful partnership.
Demo Videos: Liberty Arena

Tanja Riedinger (Germany)

My name is Tanja Riedinger (21) and I love working with horses at liberty. For over ten years I have my own horse Estella, who has shown me this path and always inspires me to grow. The last years I have worked with Mustangs in Germany and USA. From them I have learned that communication with horses starts in the moment we make contact with them.

Since 2013 I take lessons in the L’école de Légèreté, which has supported my horse Estella to develop her mind and body – and me to get a greater understanding of how to ride in lightness.

My goal is to be as focused, clear and full of joy, as I want my horses to be – in dressage work as well as in liberty play. You say: Working with a horse is working on yourself. I believe in that. Whatever may come, I want to see it as a chance to learn and to widen my horizon. Thereto, I want to inspire you.

Toma Chaput (France)

Toma has been in the equestrian show business for over 15 years. His sensitivity naturally pushes him towards free training. This is where he best expresses this osmosis with his horses to which he is very attached. Trained among others by Christophe Hasta Luego, he favors intimate staging.  

Founder and artist of the Atao company, he notably worked alongside Jean-Marc Imbert, Gaby Dew, Jean-Louis Armand of the Compagnie Caracole, Bruno Boisliveau … 
Demo Videos: Riding Arena

Una Mclister (Spain)

Una Mclister – Founder of Happy horse Barcelona, Spain. Ground work specialist, horse trainer and bitless rider coach.
Demo Videos: Handwork & Gymnastics Arena and Groundwork Arena

Vincent Liberator (France)

He could barely walk when Vincent started horse riding and at the age of 14 he was already training his first horse. A passion that has grown over the years and a know-how developed with the famous master Jean-Yves Bonnet. This young student, completely self-taught in the art of dressage. sets off on an adventure after spending a year in Chantilly “the most beautiful stables in the world” – Vincent starts a career in the world of Shows. Since 2001 Vincent has been performing in national horse exhibition in Paris, Avignon, Lyon, Montpellier and more…

He also participated in “Appassionata” one of the largest equestrian galas in Europe and perfomred in seveal movies including “FanFan la Tulipe” and “RRRrrrr” from the well know french movie director and actor Alain Chabat. He builds his artistic experience next to choreographers, directors and professionals of the equestrian performance. In 2007, he was trusted to replace Mr. Lucien Gruss at the gala Equisud in Montpellier on short notice and without repetition. A real challenge he achieved successfully

Victim of his success a few months later, alongside Lucien Gruss he was asked to participate to the Gala of the lounge of the horse of Albi.

​In June 2008, the racing company France Galop solicited Vincent for a show on the Race course of Chantilly for the “Prix de Diane” – for this performance he presented 30 horses and 45 riders for a an hour show in front of 25,000 people. Since 2009 Vincent is the organizer of the “Feria of the horse of Méjanes” in the estate “Paul Ricard” producting many shows with more than 80 horses.

​Equestrian advisor for the organization of event and filming in his estate of St Remy de Provence or any where else.

Today Vincent Liberator is a recognized horse show professional, who continues with passion to share his love of horses accross Europe.
Demo Videos: Groundwork Arena & Liberty Arena

Warwick Schiller (USA)

A lifelong equestrian of varying disciplines, Warwick Schiller moved from his home country of Australia in his 20s to the United States in order to pursue his dream of training horses. He focused his competitive efforts on Reining, becoming an NRHA Reserve World Champion, and also representing Australia at the 2010 & 2018 World Equestrian Games. Warwick’s ever-evolving training philosophy places the horse’s mental well-being at the forefront of every interaction. He now spends his time helping people create deep and meaningful relationships with their horses by getting them to change their perceptions about their horses and themselves. His unique ability to relate horse training to greater life lessons, partnered with his science-based training approach, has transformed thousands of horses and people around the world. Warwick has over 600 training videos on his online video platform, designed to create a relaxed, connected, and skilled equine partner.
Demo Videos: Groundwork Arena

Wendy Murdoch (England)

Wendy Murdoch is an internationally recognized equestrian instructor and clinician, author of several books and creator of the SURE FOOT® Equine Stability Program. She is one of the most skillful teachers ever encountered in any equestrian discipline. SURE FOOT is revolutionizing the horse world by offering the horse a choice to calm his nervous system, ground, and improve proprioception. SURE FOOT Equine Pads also aid in training and rehabilitation from illness or injury. When we give the horse a voice through the use of SURE FOOT Pads he finds calmness and safety with humans. 
Demo Videos: Handwork & Gymnastics Arena and Forum for Training & Behavior